XL High Dome Propagator

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XL High Dome Propagator features a sturdy black base tray with a plastic Injection moulded dome made with a crystal clear shatter resistant material. This lets the light in, while keeping moisture levels high and constant.

The Dome has a sloped top with two adjustable vents to achieve the proper air-flow and desired humidity (opening the vents will reduce humidity levels). The durable plastic contruction makes it easier to clean and sterlize between harvests.

Why should I use a Propagator?

When plants are very young, they need 100% humidity to stay healthy. The reason being the plant cannot draw up enough water to balance that which is being lost through the leaves.

This is especially true for cuttings that start of with no roots at all. Until they develop, they are reliant on an optimum environment to survive. Left in the open, they will quickly dry out due to the large volume of drier air robbing the plant of moisture.

Keeping plants in a propagator ensures they stay happy and healthy at this critical time of life. When you see water running down the inside of the propagator lid, don’t lift it and shake it off. This is what is keeping the environment just right for your young plants.


  • Length: 58cm
  • Width: 39cm
  • Height: 24cm

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