Big 3 Temperature Controlled Propagator

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  • Manufactured by: Garland

Garland Big 3 Automatic Temperature Control Electric Propagator creates a perfect environment for the rooting of cuttings or germinating seeds at the propagation phase.

The base uses a 50 watt carbon fibre element distributes the heat evenly that is thermostatically constantly set to a cosy 19 degrees centigrade, keeping the delicate little plants happy and healthy, growing fast and less susceptible to diseases.

The unit is split into 3 separate propagator sections, each measuring 37.5cm x 23cm allowing versatile production, for example, different seeds or strains can be placed in different areas, reducing the chances of them getting mixed up.

It can also help avoid the spread of disease if any young plants become infected, stopping it destroying the entire crop.

The size of the unit lends itself to use in a greenhouse or spare room table top. The heated base contains a 50 Watt carbon fibre element for even heat distribution and features an inbuilt fixed temperature thermostat designed to maintain a temperature of 19 Centigrade. The unit features Heat On and Power On neon light indicators.


  • Length: 80.5cm
  • Width: 41cm
  • Height: 20cm


  • 3x Propagator Lid's (w/ Spinable Air Vent)
  • 3x Propagator Base's (w/ Drainage Holes)
  • A Heating Tray: 80.5cm

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