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Growstone Gnat Nix 9l

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Growstone's Gnat Nix is made from 100% recycled glass that creates a barrier against pesky gnats in several ways.

First, Gnat Nix creates a physical barrier that limits larvae mobility. By top dressing a 1-2cm layer, it limits the ability of larvae to crawl up on the surface, pupate and emerge as adults that would continue to reproduce. Using Gnat Nix right after plants are transplanted into permanent growing containers will significantly reduce larvae survival chances. Trapped in Gnat Nix, larvae end up dying before they become adults.

Second, the dry and inhospitable conditions created by Gnat Nix limit egg survival. The dry and rough surface of the top dressing creates inhospitable conditions that negatively affect survival rates for fungus gnat eggs. It also reduces the appeal for females to lay their eggs on the surface. When growing conditions promote fungus gnat population growth, applying Gnat Nix as a top dressing can prevent future problems, as the fewer eggs laid by adults females have a significantly lower chance of survival. Gnat Nix has been quickly adopted in both gardening and professional markets.

Gnat Nix is non-toxic and chemical-free. It is also effective in dry or moist conditions and can be used indoors or outdoors. It's a way to reduce plant damage with one single application without using pesticides.

Remember to always make sure that you cover any gaps or holes in the surface layer which can appear after watering.

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