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Reiziger Bud Booster 2l

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  • Manufactured by: Reiziger

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More than just a multi-stage flowering booster, this hydroponic biostimulant represents a leap forward in nutrient formulation. This is everything craftsmen growers want in a premium booster formula, maybe more.

Every aspect of the formula has been refined from the natural growth hormones, to the amino acids, to the micronutrient ratio balance that will help you gain the full advantage from your hydroponic system.

Rich in organic flowering regulators that optimise theflowering metabolites and energy inherently available within the plant enabling blooms to develop uniformly and ripen to their full potential.

Stacks on biomass when buds transition to flowers or fruits. Engineered from seed and medicinal plant extracts, Reiziger Bud Booster enhances the enzymatic and proteic regulation, increasing the glandular density and compound content in the plant.

Everything about Reiziger Bud Booster is designed to effortlessly increase glandular trichoma densities, precursor production and enzyme activity.

The perfection of Reiziger Bud Booster comes down to precision and patience. Natural hormones that regulate growth and various developmental processes have been thoroughly integrated within the formulation so that they are freely available to the plant to stimulate the synthesis of RNA and proteins, so you can concentrate on a faster flowering stage.

And the phytoalexins, vitamins and phenolics allow you to access improved quality, quantity, stress resistance and concentration of resins.

Dosage and how to use Bud Booster by Reiziger:

Bud Formation
Boost fruit and flower yield. Start irrigating with an EC of 1.2-.6 mS/cm higher than the EC of the tap water. Do this by filling the nutrition tank with water. Shake Bloom Food well. Add A&B concentrates in equal amounts at the rate of 2-3 ml/l. Add Reiziger Bud Booster at the rate of 1 ml/l. Irrigate until drainage appears. Add to nutrition tank for first 3 weeks of bloom stage only.
Without fertiliser program: Mix 4 ml in 1l water and apply once a week for first 3 weeks of bloom stage.

Bud Booster by Reiziger composition:

  • Micronutrient Ratio: 1.1-0.5-0.2
  • 1.1% Iron
  • 0.5% Manganese
  • 0.2% Boron
  • 0.2% Zinc
  • 0.1% Copper

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