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Reiziger Bloom Minerals 10l

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This ultra-potent elixir has been celebrated among Dutch craftsmen for decades thanks to its ability to deliver remarkable benefits. Reiziger Bloom Minerals is a luxurious formula that enriches blooms with the energy they need to thrive.

Rich in pure, rapidly absorbable proprietary phosphorus and potassium minerals, you'll instantly notice visible increases in size, weight and quality.

Reiziger Bloom Minerals push your plants into generating an additional flowering phase, delivering quick harvest increases of up to 35% in bloom size, weight and quality. You'll instantly notice a visible difference and the formula can be used in every cultivation system in combination with every kind of feeding.

This formula will delight even the most experienced craftsmen, as it essentially unlocks a new flower layer bursting with increased biomass that directly transform to increased potency and heavier harvests. A safter way to bigger yields. This solution instantly produces visible increases in size, weight and quality, by enriching plants with the energy they need to thrive.

  • Acts fast to promote up to 35% in bloom size, weight and quality.
  • Unlocks a new flower layer bursting with sweetness and flavour.
  • Proprietary minerals for aggressive flowering, bud set and formation.
  • Safe for all strains and won't burn plants when used as directed.
  • Ideal for late applications to high metabolism, budding plants.

Dosage and how to use Bloom Minerals by Reiziger:

Bigger, Heavier Yields
The right amount at the right time. To develop heavier, tighter, sweeter fruits and blooms extremely quickly add Reiziger Bloom Minerals at the rate of 1.5 ml/l, three to four weeks before harvesting (week 5 of an 8 week bloom cycle) to your nutrient tank.

Adjust pH to 6.0. Then add flowering nutrient until your desired EC is reached. Use it for one week only.
Due to its unique purity, never use it for more than one week.

Bloom Minerals by Reiziger composition:

  • NPK: 0-13-14
  • 13% Phosphate
  • 14% Potash

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