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Nutrifield Fulife 20l

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Fulife maximizes yields by improving plant metabolic processes that allow for faster growth due to improved photosynthesis. Fulife contains the highest grade fulvic acid which is vital for processing and breaking down complex mineral compounds into plant available form.

Fulife does not increase the E.C. (salt index) of your system resulting in minimal effects on osmotic potential (salt build up) allowing plant water uptake to remain unaffected while increasing nutrient absorption, leading to nutritionally satisfied, healthy plants.

Fulife is derived from fulvic acid that creates bonds with unavailable nutrients and converts them into plant available food.

Fulife is an organic electrolyte that conducts electrical activity which serves to break down complex molecules and convert metallic elements into easily absorbable plant food, resulting in anincreased nutrient chelation speed.

Fulife regulates the breathing structure within plants by causing an improvement to stomata openings that allows for greater respiration and transpiration which accelerates photosynthesis while helping the growth of beneficial microorganisms. This greatly improves your plants metabolic processes which in turn maximizes your yields.

Fulife is highly recommended to be used in foliar applications as it will process any other nutrients added into the mix and is absorbed by plant tissue. Fulife helps protect plants from harm by stabilizing free radicals which can damage tissue and render toxicities in media when unchecked.

The antioxidants in Fulife are able to neutralise free radicals by accepting the unpaired electron that makes free radicals so highly reactive and essentially turn them into something which the plant can use.

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