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Grotek Pro Silicate 10l

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Pro-Silicate by Grotek is a supplement with silicon, calcium and potassium to harden the cell wall, giving your plants a greater resistance to stress. Ideal to fight pests or drought symptoms.

Silicon, besides being part of many enzymatic processes of your plants, is used to provide rigidity to the cell membrane, allowing the branches and stems to support a greater flower weight. It's an essential element for your plants that's normally present in the soil in nature. As more and more growers use distilled or reverse osmosis water, we have to add silicon and calcium to the nutrient mix to avoid deficiencies.

The deficiencies of trace elements usually appear very late, making it difficult to solve once they're visible in your plants. That's why we recommend adding it regularly in combination with your fertilizers.

Used as a preventive, you can improve your crops by obtaining stronger stems and branches. As a curative, sprayed on the plants, it works very well in most cases. Sometimes, the origin of the deficiency is the excess of salts caused by too much growth fertilizer.

Dosage and usage of Pro-Silicate by Grotek:

In irrigation:
Add 0.5mL per litre during the beginning of flowering to the nutrient mix.
By controlling the pH and EC levels of the irrigation water you can adjust the fertilizer doses much better.

Foliar application:
Add 0.5-1mL per litre of water and spray on both sides of the leaves to cover the deficiencies with an immediate effect.
Foliar applications are performed under low light conditions to avoid causing burns to your plants.

Composition of Pro-Silicate by Grotek:

  • NPK 0-0-4
  • 3% Potassium
  • 3.9% Silicon

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