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Grotek Calmax 1l

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During periods of high temperatures and accelerated growth, plants can develop nutrient deficiencies, which are preventable. Cal-Max was developed to provide the additional calcium, magnesium, and iron needed to support peak production.

Applied as a foliar spray, this product can help even in environments where nutrient translocation from roots to leaves is difficult or not occurring at all. Cal-Max can be used to treat problems when they surface.

It can also be used as a preventative supplement in your nutrient program to avoid deficiencies such as tip burn in lettuce and blossom end rot in tomatoes.

Cal-Max by Grotek contains only high-quality ingredients that are 100% water-soluble. It can be safely used with any automatic irrigation system as there's no risk of clogging the pipes or drippers. It's suitable for any growing medium, hydroponic, NFT, aeroponic, soil or coco.

Dosage and usage of Cal-Max by Grotek:

In irrigation:
Add 1 to 2mL per litre of nutrient solution to irrigate your plants.
If you control the EC of your solution, you can adjust the quantities to your liking.

Foliar feeding:

Dissolve 1mL per litre and spray on both sides of the leaves.
Keep in mind that foliar applications are always done in low light conditions to avoid burns in your plants, just when the lights are turned off (indoors) and when the sun sets (outdoors).

Composition of Cal-Max by Grotek:

  • NPK 2-0-0
  • 2% Nitrogen
  • 3% Calcium
  • 1% Magnesium
  • 0.1% Iron chelates EDTA

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