Cx Wilt Guard 1l

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CX Wilt Guard 1l is a specialized form of potassium which is very readily assimilated in large amounts. Potassium is the element responsible for strengthening the osmotic pressure within the plant and for regulating water loss.

Under stressful conditions, the guard cells on the outside of the stomata close to prevent water loss. The mechanism by which these guard cells operate is potassium based osmotic pressure. By using Wilt Guard, you are ensuring the best possible conditions for this process to take effect.

When growing crops indoors the crop is reliant upon you totally for all of its requirements and this can be quite challenging. One of the common complaints is the discolouration and wilting of the leaves of the plants, followed by continued deterioration until half of the crop has perished, or even more!

The 'at risk' period is when the plant is flowering, as its roots almost cease growing at this time. Although before the plant matures some of the roots get replaced, this process becomes much slower as maturity approaches.

Therefore, knowing this, you can be prepared and ensure that your plants have had a plentiful supply of potassium early on before this occurs.

By using Wilt Guard – and adding it to your solution every time you change it – is a strategy you can put into place.

CX Wilt Guard dosage and usage:

Shake well before use. Use 1ml/L throughout vegetative and flowering period. Works in conjunction with Regen-A-Root.

CX Wilt Guard composition:

  • NPK:0-12-14
  • 0% Nitrogen
  • 12% Phosphorus
  • 14% Potassium
  • 0.0012% water soluble Magnesium

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