Cx Headmasta 1l

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  • Manufactured by: CX Horticulture

CX Head Masta 1l is the best bloom booster and enhancer for better quality and yield! Do you get high yields with high quality together? High quality can be very elusive, especially when yield increases and hidden factors have had their input into your final product.

There are unfortunately a number of environmental and physical conditions that can reduce your yield and quality.

When the yield is increased by inferior products it often means the plant has a higher water content, larger cells, thinner cell walls and lower desirable solids effectively diluting the quality of the plant.

As a result you will most likely end up with lots of low quality end product. That is why it is not common to get both high yield and high quality together. Many growers get high quality at the expense of high yields or vice versa.

CX Head Masta dosage and usage:

Shake well before use. Use 1ml/L throughout flowering period. Works in conjunction with Mighty Bloom Enhancer.

CX Head Masta composition:

  • NPK:1-2-2
  • 1% Nitrogen
  • 2% Phosphorus
  • 2% Potassium

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