FloraMax Resin-XS 1l

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FloraMax Resin-XS is a specialized flowering additive for use in conjunction with PK additives:

  • Increases trichome population to boost resin and essential oil output and potency.
  • Aids photosynthesis to improve sugar content, taste and higher fruit weight.
  • Improves the ability of plants to absorb water and other nutrients.
  • Improves plant strength and the ability to tolerate unfavorable environmental conditions.
  • Helps plants produce protein as they grow.
  • Resin-XS does not contain any PGR’s, toxic substances or induce foul residues in the reservoir.

FloraMax Resin-XS was designed to meet the critical demands of growers wanting larger and more potent yields.

Over the 2 years of final testing and commissioning, there was no other additive able to compete in terms of both volume and mass yield, flavor, cleanliness and ease-of-use.

The niche ingredients used in FloraMax Resin-XS were proven to be uniquely stable thereby resulting in greater reliability and consistency for growers.

How to Use FloraMax Resin-XS:

Use FloraMax Resin-XS throughout the flowering / fruiting phase.

Dose: Add to existing nutrient solution at 2-4 ml/L, then stir well. Use this solution for every watering.

Composition of Resin-XS by FloraMax:

Derived from Monopotassium Phosphate and Potassium Sulfate.

  • 6.0% Phosphate
  • 5.0% Potashm

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