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Reiziger Grow Food A&B 5l

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In the plant's first phase of growth, the foundation is laid for bloom. Reiziger Grow Food A&B is a balanced, fast-acting formula to promote healthy, energetic new growth and luxuriant root development.

To meet the needs of modern hydroponic mediums, maximum nutrient absorption and water penetration is guaranteed from the start with large quantities of rapidly absorbable nitrate nitrogen and high-grade magnesium and calcium.

Reiziger Grow Food A&B nutrients are designed for use in all hydroponic growing media, both recirculating and non- recirculation systems.

All growers desire high yielding, fast growing plants and Reiziger Grow Food A&B delivers fast root growth, automatic pH stabilisation and simple-to-use, easy-to mix-formulations.

  • Full spectrum nutrient automatically stabilises pH.
  • Guaranteed rapid absorption with more high-grade elements.
  • Unsurpassed potassium and calcium absorption for boosted root development and growth.
  • Patented phosphorus delivers gains in crop strength, colour and size.
  • Phosphorus dissolves mineral precipitations to keep equipment clean.
  • Nutrient absorption boosters allow crops to feed, regardless of pH variance.
  • Up to two times more concentrated than other brands.

Lush green leaves, strong stems and healthy root growth. The potent formula is precisely dosed with key ingredients that help plants grow vigorously to create high yields in fruiting and flowering plants. The Reiziger intent has always been to help as many craftsmen as possible to grow reliably excellent plants.

This legendary Dutch 2-part nutrient system gives the fastest growth rates possible, creating the perfect platform for high yields. This formulation is tailored for fast growing plants in hydroponic systems to achieve greater yields. Contains higher levels of magnesium to keep leaves vivid green.

Dosage and how to use Grow Food A&B by Reiziger:

Cuttings & Seedlings
Get them off to the best start. Start irrigating with an EC of 0.5-1.0 mS/cm higher than the EC of the tap water. Do this by filling the nutrition tank with water. Shake Reiziger Grow Food A&B well. Add A&B concentrates in equal amounts at the rate of 1-2 ml/l. Irrigate until drainage appears.

To accelerate new root growth and to help save plants also add Reiziger Root Booster to the nutrition tank at the rate of 2 ml/l

Fast Vegative Growth
Strong and healthy growth. Irrigate with an EC of 1.0-1.5 mS/cm higher than the EC of the tap water. Shake Reiziger Grow Food A&B well. Add A&B concentrates in equal amounts at the rate of 2-3 ml/l.

To significantly reduce the growth cycle in rapid growing plants add Reiziger Root Booster to the nutrition tank at the rate of 1 ml/l.

To renew, rebuild and strengthen plant appearance and ensure a healthier, stronger more robust plant, add Reiziger Grow Booster at the rate of 2.5 ml/l.

Grow Food A&B by Reiziger composition:

  • NPK Part A: 3-0-0
  • 3% Nitrogen
  • 2.88% Calcium
  • 0.70% Magnesium
  • NPK Part B: 1-2-6
  • 1% Nitrogen
  • 2% Phosphate
  • 6% Potash
  • 0.84% Sulfur

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