Budzilla A&B 1l

Budzilla is still missing in action and may have been discontinued. We suggest using Reiziger or Floramax brands as replacements.

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  • Manufactured by: Budzilla

Budzilla is very high in potassium and other trace elements that stimulate flower formation and enhance bud size and quality.

Budzilla is formulated from the finest grades of mineral salts and chelated trace elements to give you optimum flowering from your hydroponic plants.

Budzilla A&B 1l dosage and usage:

Always shake well before use. Never mix the two stock formulas directly together, always mix one at a time into your nutrient holding tank.

Adding 5ml of each stock formula to 1 litre of water to give you a CF value of approximately 20 CF.

We recommend the use of a CF meter for accurate control of your hydroponic system.

This nutrient formula can also be used for soil grown plants. We recommend halving the mix you would use in a hydroponic system. Always store in a cool, dark place.

Budzilla A&B composition:

  • NPK: 20-5-30
  • 20% Nitrogen
  • 5% Phosphate
  • 30% Potassium

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