Canna Terra Vega 1l

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Terra Vega by Canna is a base fertilizer meant for the growth stage that supplies the indispensable nutrients your plants need to grow healthy and strong in organic substrates like earth. Your plants will experiment an abundant vegetative growth that will get them ready for a very productive flowering.

It's made of high-quality mineral components that are 100% water-soluble and completely assimilable by your plants. It guarantees the correct development of your plants, preventing the lack of any element during the vegetative stage.

Terra Vega by Canna can be used with any drip irrigation system not having to worry about its obstructing the tubes.

It's usually combined with other additives that stimulate the growth of the roots, like Rhizotonic by Canna, with other products that enhance the crops such as Canna Boost Accelerator, or even with others like Cannazym that accelerates the decomposition of the soil's organic matter, maximising your crop's yield.

You'll obtain shiny green, huge specimens without much work. Take a look at the crop table made by Canna in order to ensure professional results when you harvest.

Terra Vega's dosage and usage:

Once the plant has three pairs of leaves,
You have to add 4-5 mL per each litre of water.
Alternate irrigations with and without Terra Vega (only water) during the plant's growth stage.
It can be used with other additives such as Rhizotonoic by Canna.

Terra Vega's composition:

  • NPK 3-1-3
  • 3% Nitrogen
  • 1% Phosphorus
  • 3% Potassium
  • 1% Magnesium
  • 0.7% Sulphur
  • 0.005% Boron
  • 0.0006% Copper
  • 0.014% Iron
  • 0.01% Manganese
  • 00013% Molybdenum
  • 0.005% Zinc

Grow Guide

The CANNA Grow Guide provides you with a personalised grow schedule.

The schedule is based on your type of water, the product line you use and much more. The personalised Grow Guide offers you a schedule which is based on your own grow situation!

For optimal results use the Grow Guide!

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