Reiziger Coco Coir Pith 40l

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Reiziger Coco Coir Pith 40l is the ideal foundation for productive gardens. Simply pour the coco into your pot - absolutely no drainage additives or rinsing needed. Its superior texture maintains an optimum balance of air and water in any hydroponic system to grow big, powerful plants and high quality fruits and flowers. A natural plant booster helps give plants truly vigorous root growth, granting both green leaves and beautiful blooms.

Reiziger Coco Coir Pith is a fast draining, specialty growing medium derived from a blend of premium quality, enriched and aged Indian coir and pith that accelerates short flowering strains into the generative phase faster - with more yield from the same flowering time. With an optimal mixture of porosity and slightly acidic pH, it is perfectly tailored to hydroponic systems where the ultimate in growth rates and yields are desired.

The heat generated from treating coconut coir with steam or methyl bromide destroys bacteria, pathogens, pests and fungi and also the naturally occurring organic compounds, eliminating its protection against root pathogens.

The production of Reiziger Coconut Coir Pith avoids these harmful processes and therefore retains the essential Trichoderma fungi, a plant booster scientifically proven to stimulate root growth and protect your plants against soil diseases.

A general rule is that one daily feed should be sufficient during the first few weeks; then two feeds per day - two hours after turning the lamps on and two hours before switching them off. Do not water the plants too often or give too much water.

By reducing the watering frequency, optimal water replenishment is established. This improves the capacity of the coconut substrate to absorb all the nutrients, optimises the drainage and air in the medium and prevents accumulation of salts within the coconut substrate.

If the CF (Conductivity Factor) of the irrigation water is higher than 6.0, then it is better to increase the water dosage until drainage of 20% has been reached (1/5 of the irrigation solution has to leave the medium again). If the CF of the irrigation water is lower than 6.0, a lower drainage of 10% will suffice.

Reiziger Coconut Coir Pith holds liquid while still draining well, however it is still possible to over water. When growing in cocoponics, determining pH and CF from drainage water is not a true indication of the coconut substrates value. For optimal results, you are encouraged to use the 1:1.5 extraction methods.

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