Oasis LC3 Horticulture 104 Cubes P/Slab

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Professional growers have been using Oasis foam products for years and now you can enjoy the same reliable results from this remarkable product. Rootcubes are designed for starting seeds of plants that will later be transplanted to either soil or a soilless medium.

Completely pH neutral, Rootcubes incorporate a two-week supply of starter fertilizer right in the cube. All you have to do is saturate them with water (they hold 40 times their weight), drop your seed in the prepunched holes, keep them moist and wait for germination. When seedlings are of transplant size, simply cut the individual cubes with a knife and transplant into your medium.

Oasis Rootcubes also provide an excellent clean start for rooting cuttings. Flowering spring plant cuttings root well in sheets of the ROOTCUBE

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