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Nutrifield Coco Chips Blend 50l

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Coco coir has long lasting physical properties as it is 45% cellulose which resists degrading. When combined with coco husk chips which contain high levels of lignin, the ultimate media combination is born.

Nutrifield's Coco Premium Chips Blend 50/50 resist breaking down or compacting during use which ensures optimum conditions for your plants to thrive in.

Nutrifield's Coco Premium Chips Blend 50/50 possess a unique moisture retaining capacity while offering ultimate drainage and maximum air porosity due to its open pore structure which aids in faster and more efficient nutrient uptake.

Nutrifield's Coco Premium Chips Blend 50/50 unique mixture of both coconut fibre and pith allows for substantially greater air flow to plant roots.

As Nutrifield's Coco Premium Chips Blend 50/50 do not compact like soil, the airways for roots to breathe remain intact while retaining moisture and allow the plant significant relief during extreme heat conditions as they can breathe freely to better sustain themselves.

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