Canna Coco Professional Mix 50l

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Canna Coco is produced from coconut husks following a precise aging and treatment process. Raw coconut husks are soaked in sea water for up to 6 months so they can break down, then they are washed repeatedly with fresh water to remove the salt.

However, a lot of cheap coco mediums are not washed properly and still contain excess salt which is bad for your plants. Buying Canna Coco coir ensures you are receiving the highest grade of Coco available.

How to use Canna Coco Professional Mix:

About 5 litres of Canna Coco fertilizer solution per m2 a day (for full-grown plants). For bigger plants use a minimum of 5 litres. Using a bigger pot provides you with a more stable root environment. keep in mind to provide sufficient means of drainage in your pots. Possibly use a thin layer of Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles at the bottom of the container for proper drainage.

Water usage:

give water daily with the special Canna Coco fertilizer.
if you are not able to give water to the plants daily, use a bigger container.

after plants are well established 1-3 times a day depending on water use.

Canna Coco's water/ air complex contains 73% water and 23% air. Furthermore, the coconut grind is pre-buffered according to a special procedure. This is necessary to obtain an optimal growing condition, assuring the best development potential of your plants.

Use Canna Coco with the appropriate fertilizer and you know you are investing in quality and certainty!

The plastic bag can be recycled. Canna Coco is a 100% natural product, made from coconut grind. Contents: 50 Litre

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