Cool Tube Air Cooled Reflector

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The Cool Tube Reflector for plant lighting helps you increase growth by supplying more light exactly where you want it, while reducing damaging heat. The Cool Tube technology works by housing the bulb in a clear glass tube and blowing cooling air through the tube carrying away up to 80% of the heat generated by the bulb. This high quality reflector conducts greater air flow and allows for more heat dissipation, allowing you to grow in smaller spaces. You can also place your grow lamps closer to your plants, without causing scorching or heat stress.

The highly polished anodised aluminium of the light reflectors, and the increased reflective surface area created by the dimpled finish, all work to provide more light for your plants. You'll see the difference that high grade materials and superior light reflection make, compared to lower grade aluminium reflectors with a mirror finish, in the results you get from the Cool Tube Reflector in your grow room. With an internal light reflector above the bulb, and adjustable external reflector wings allowing for different installation angles, this premier product pays for itself time and time again by producing larger crops.

The reflector comes ready to use with a built-in 5M power cord, a securely mounted E40 bulb fitment, and a completely prewired protective junction box. Made from quality European aluminium, so there's no dangerous sharp edges like you get on cheaper models.

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