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GrowSaber 20W 600mm LED Light

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Hortitek GrowSaber LED Light cuts energy usage and delivers much higher efficiency than traditional fluorescent lamps while optimizing plant growth. The lamp stimulates photosynthesis by concentrating light on the spectrum that plants absorb the most, with 100 percent of its light output usable to the plant.

GrowSaber LED Light delivers maximum grow light for propagation / vegetative (6500K type) and flowering (3000K type). Covers all colour spectrum with an 80% CRI creating a more natural light source compared to the common LEDs on the market. Dust proof & water resistance.

Hortitek GrowSaber 20W 600mm LED Light Specifications
Rating E0506
K : 6500K
PPF : PPF-23
Lumen : 600
CRI% : 80
IP : IP65
Beam Angle : 120
LED QTY : 90

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