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G-Tek LM561C S6 + Cree IR 450W LED Grow Bar

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G-Tek LED Grow Bar lights are made with high quality Samsung LM561C S6 diodes, Cree IR diodes, Mean Well XLG-240-H drivers, built on a heavy duty aluminium frame.

LED Grow Bars will maximize plant growth and increase yields, while consuming less energy and reducing your operating costs.

Due to the passive heat sink design there is no need for active cooling, so no sound is generated either.

These LED lights produce a continuous range of wavelength, from blue and green to red (including Infra Red), creating a light blend matching the natural sunlight.

Samsung LM561C S6 LED's emit a full, enhanced spectrum white light with a color temperature of 3500K. That is a warm white (i.e. containing a lot of red-spectrum light) that is great for flowering, but it also works well for vegging.

The additional Cree IR LED's add a 660 nm deep red light that give plants a huge boost during the bloom stage. It results in bigger and more potent yields.

Mean Well XLG-240-H LED drivers are power modules that have been designed to regulate and provide power to LED lighting systems that are used for growing in horticultural environments.

Mean Well LED transformers are designed for powering LED's with a higher output wattage.

G-Tek LED Grow Bar light has a slim profile, conserving precious vertical or horizontal real estate, making it the ideal LED light for a grow tent or a vertical farm.

G-Tek LM561C S6 + Cree IR 450W LED Grow Bar Light Specifications
Name Value
LED Drivers : Mean Well: 2x XLG-240-H
LED brand : Samsung LM561C S6
LED quantity : 312 PCS x 8 bars: SMD2835
IR LED quantity : 16 PCS x 8 bars: CREE IR
μmol : 2.5 per watt
μmol testing distance : Height 60cm: 550 μmol/(m·s)
Height 99cm: 390 μmol/(m·s)
Input voltage : AC 85 ~ 265 V
Current : 150mA
Power factor : >0.9
Power : 500W
Real Power: 450W
Coverage at 1m Height : 1.8m x 1.8m
Correlated Colour
Temperature (CCT) :
Full spectrum
Colour Rendering
Index (CRI) :
Angle : 120 degree
IP Range : IP62
Dimensions : W:1m x L:1m x H:91mm
Material : Aluminium
Operating temperature : -25°C to 45°C
Life Expectancy : 50000 hours
Warranty : 5 years

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