View Cmh 315W Lamp

Cmh 315W Lamp

Broaden your light spectrum and increase your PAR output from a single Sinowell 315W CDM/CMH lamp. They emit a broad light spectrum that's a lot...
$NZ 140.00 inc G.S.T.
View Lamp 600W Son T Plus

Lamp 600W Son T Plus

The Philips Master Son-T Pia Plus offers for superior value and excellent performance. This lamp features super high output lamp technology,...
$NZ 85.00 inc G.S.T.
 Sold Out 
View Lucagrow 600W Lamp

Lucagrow 600W Lamp

The G.E Lucagrow HPS lamps offer a compliment or complete substitute to natural light. The High Xenon Gas Fill in the lucagrow lamps give up to 20%...
$NZ 85.00 inc G.S.T.
 Sold Out 
View Philips Son-T Hps 1000W

Philips Son-T Hps 1000W

The SON-T Range from Philips is known for its unparalleled quality and long life. Quite simply, the best lamp on the market! These bulbs are suited...
$NZ 250.00 inc G.S.T.
 Sold Out 
View Philips Son-T Plus Hps 400W

Philips Son-T Plus Hps 400W

400W Philips Son-T Plus is a Dual Spectrum HPS lamp - excellent for vegetative growth as well flowering. The lamp produces light in the orange/red...
$NZ 70.00 inc G.S.T.
 Sold Out 
View Philips Veg/Agro M/H Hpi T Plus 400W

Philips Veg/Agro M/H Hpi T Plus 400W

Philips HPI-T Plus 400W Metal Halid lamp is releasing 32,000 lumens. It is ideal for vegetation growth thanks to its blue-white spectrum, in small...
$NZ 80.00 inc G.S.T.
 Sold Out 

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