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Starlite 2X55W Fluorescent Light Unit

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The new model of the famous STARLITE 2x55W by SuperPlant! The Starlite 220W (2x55W) is a horticultural lighting system, created and designed for professional growers, as well as for beginners, with its spectrum with very high yields: 100% PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation). Note: Plants need a spectrum the most possible similar to day light that should be between 400 and 700 nm. The fluorescent compact lamps (CFL) 55W fit exactly such average. There is no useless energy or light, unlike the high-pressure sodium lightings (HPS), or metal halide (MH) which a part of light cannot be absorbed by plants.

This system is suitable for all types of plants: medicinal, aromatic, carnivores, cuttings, mother plants, bonsai, orchids, flowers, fruits, vegetables...

Its weight is very light (2.6kg) thanks to its all-aluminum structure.

This system releases very little heat and can be positioned above the plants: from 5 to 10 cm is enough (no risk of burning plants)! It can light an area of 100x80cm. In addition, it ensures optimum reflection due to the structure of its internal reflector, thus making you get better results.

The STARLITE 220W kit is a modern system, well designed and practical. It is simply one of the best in its category.

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