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Quad Fluorescent 60cm 4x24W T5 6500K Tube & Reflector

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The Quad Fluorescent 60cm 4x24w T5 6500K Tube & Reflector comes with a 6500K (blue) spectrum T5 tube that feed plants with a blue spectrum, ideal for growing stages of plants, as well as for propagation and rooting cuttings.

It comes with a reflector design to maximize output and diffusion. It features high output ballast and a durable aluminium housing.

Furthermore, it is lightweight and easy to install with the included mounting hardware or hanging bracket kit. Comes with a power cord.

How the Quad Fluorescent 60cm 4x24w T5 6500K Tube & Reflector Grow Light Works:

T5's are, quite simply, the best fluorescent tubes available.

They produce more lumens per watt than any other fluorescent tube and the blue-white colour spectrum type supplied with the Quad Fluorescent 60cm 4x24w T5 6500K Tube & Reflector Grow Light is ideal for propagation and vegetative plant growth.

The T5 tubes are fitted into a robust Aluminium case with a carefully shaped Aluminium reflector that ensures all the light from each individual tube is directed downwards where it is needed.

How to Use the Quad Fluorescent 60cm 4x24w T5 6500K Tube & Reflector Grow light:

Hang the Quad Fluorescent 60cm 24w T5 6500K Tube & Reflector unit over the centre of your grow-space at 40-60 cm from plants, distance more than enough to guarantee optimal light and humidity conditions for cuttings. Our Yo Yo Plant Hangers or Ratchet Hangers are ideal for this.

Feed the power cable over to a convenient mains socket and plug it in. A power switch on the unit itself makes it easy to switch it on and off.

  • 60cm 4x24w T5 Fluorescent Tube Fitting c/w 6500k Lamps.
  • 4x60cm 24w High output T5 tubes - Intial lumens are 1950 Lumens per tube.
  • Dimensions 620mm x 410mm x 100mm.
  • Low profile, cool operating, and high performance.
  • European Highly reflective aluminum reflector.
  • 2 chrome hangers and power cord included.
  • Powder coated steel housing.
  • Convenient On/Off switch.
  • Horizontal and vertical hanging option.

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