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Propagation System One T5 2x24W Fluorescent Kit

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Propagation System One (PS1) T5 2x24W Fluorescent Light Kit is ideal for germinating seeds, rooting cuttings and transplanting, excellent lighting system for all plants. The PS1 fits all propagator roofs and can be surface mounted.

Cuttings and seedlings have under-developed root systems, thus energy from light by photosynthesis is critical, "nurturelite" Purple light maximises root growth, increases internodal growth and can be used to replace or supplement natural sunlight for all plants.

Up to 80% Energy savings can be made with this lighting system, which is very portable and ideal for indoor gardens.

Ideal for all stages of plant growth: From seed to fruit, fits all propagator roofs, can be mounted on floor wall or ceiling and hung by cable at any angle.

Incredibly Versatile: The PS1 can be configured for every lighting use from 24W to 192W. T5 High Output fluorescent colour can be blended using Red, White and Purple lamps to create a range from 2700K to 8500K.

  • 8 Power Configuration: 1x24W to 8x24W by adding more kits together (24W, 48W, 72W, 96W, 120W,144W, 168W and 192W)
  • Lamp Colour Options: White 6400K and Purple 10000K
  • Silent: The PS2 produces minimal heat, is silent in operation and does not require expensive or noisy ventilation systems.
  • Photosynthetic Efficiency: The fluorescent lamps glass surface is so cool in operation that the lamps can be places as low as 5cm above the plant canopy, which maximises photosynthetic response.
  • Photoponically Efficient: Each ballast has its own built-in reflector, efficiently recovering upward waste light, increasing effective down light by 30% or more and creating a rectangular photoponic footprint.
  • Energy Efficient: Energy savings of up to 50% when compared to standard T8 fluorescent lighting.
  • Reliable: Every lamp is self ballasted, this means if one or more lamps fail, the others continue to work independently as if nothing has happened, making the whole system incredibly reliable to deliver as much light as possible, even when a failure occurs.
  • Low weight: Because the power supplies are electronic there is no flicker and the whole PS2 unit weighs less than 2kg.
  • Low Profile: The PS2 only measures 5cm maximum from top to base, it is able to fit into very confined spaces leaving maximum head room and space for the plants.
  • Easy to install and use: The fixtures are easy to install and their plug & play technology makes for no wiring requirements.
  • Safe Earth System Design: All PS2 links are made with 3 core cabling (neutral, live and earth), everything is grounded, putting safety first, when linking multiple units of this type together in custom configurations of up to 384W (16 x 24W) from one mains plug system.

A pair of super High Output T5 Grow Lights is included in these kits. The T5 tubes are CFL's and perfect for Seedlings, Cuttings & Vegetative Growth.

  • White: 6400K - Leafy greens or vegetative growth. Also used for algal growth, e.g. spirulina.
  • Purple: 10000K - Soft light for cuttings / clones (also has biotropic 25000K spectrum)

A Propagation System One T5 2x24W Fluorescent Kit contains 2 x 24w T5 White self-ballasted lamps with a reflector, a 30cm cable for linking the lamps and a 2m power cord. It has 2 surface mounting clips for either horizontal or vertical mounting, or there are 4 U Lamp suction cap clips, each with a nylon nut & bolt for attaching to a propagator lid.

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