Adjust-A-Wing Hellion DE Defender Medium Kit

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  • Manufactured by: Adjust A Wings

600W lights, move over! Now you can get a 750W light for a crazy low price! There's no need to change your tent, you can use a 750W Adjust-A-Wings light in a 2m high tent. In this kit you get an Adjust-A-Wings Defender Reflector, a 750W HPS Lamp (double ended), a 750W Hellion Ballast (dimmable, digital, 400V), a Lamp Adaptor & Super Spreader and a Hanging Rail. You can run your lamps at 450W, 600W or 750W thanks to the dimmable digital ballast.

To trigger growth, you can recreate spring, summer & autumn with your reflector. There are 3 x wing positions and 5 x lamp heights so you can mimic seasonal light & heat fluctuations. You won't burn or stretch plants when you lower your lights, the removable Super-Spreader stops bright hot spots building under lamps! You get a very even burn and can position lamps precisely. For accurate colour rendering, your ballast has a super high frequency.

This kits layout's are very flexible! To boost performance, hang your lamp, ballast & reflector together as a complete fixture. To save space, place your ballast outside your grow room. High PAR Output Lamps have a PAR rating of 1450 - 1500 at 750W, or 1150 at 600W. That's one of the best PAR output we've ever seen! To get it so high, only the very best Japanese & USA components are used.

  • Adjust-A-Wings Defender Medium Reflector
  • It's 92% reflective, titanium white coated to make it heat resistant
  • 400V Dimmable Hellion Digital Ballast
  • You can run it at 750W, 600W or 450W
  • For accurate colour rendering, ballasts run at super high frequencies
  • As you raise and lower lights, tweak your wing position to keep your footprint the same
  • You get a really even burn across your lamps and colour rendering is accurate
  • There are 5 x wing positions and 5 x lamp heights. Remember, you can dim your ballast, too
  • No more bright, hot spots by using the Super Spreader
  • You can get much closer to plants without burning or stretching them

Why Use A Super Spreader?

To stop bright, hot spots building under your lamp, a Super Spreader is included. With one attached, it makes your growth uniform, so you get a nice even canopy and bigger overall yield. You can bring your light much closer to plants without burning or stretching. If you haven't got much headroom, they're a must have.

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