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Blackline 600W Digital Ballast

$NZ 225.00 inc G.S.T.


I have lumitek 660s and I also have 4 of these ballasts. Iv had the lumateks for 8 years and these black line ballasts for 7yr and I don't even remember where I bought them, but yesterday I went to three hydroponic stores thinking I want those ones or one with similar specs and I was shocked at the price difference!
These ballasts are quiet, they don't get hot at all, diamante and has 660 super! And there $225! I asked an owner of a hydro store I went to why he had nothn similar to these and he said he stopped buying cheap ballasts because they always had problems.... Now lumiteks when they 1St came out were the shit and nothing compared and they don't even have a fan there's no doubt there the Best!
But I have the same amount of those as I do these and iv never had an issue with any and neither one had benifit me more than the other! So looking at the price of lumiteks and the price of these, I'd call these the best ballasts you can buy so anyone reading this don't think it being cheap means anything except for it being awesome as f!
Date Added: 09/18/2019 by Sam

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