Reflective Mylar Film 2MIL 1.22m x 15.2m

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Reflective Mylar Film will enhance the productivity of your grow room by increasing the amount of light available.

Capable of 95% reflectivity, this mirror-like metalized film maximizes the available light inside your grow room by reflecting it back to the plant.

It works better than white paint or plastic and it's perfect for those dark corners.

This Reflective Mylar is a durable and tear resistant 2MIL grade film, with a silver backing that serves as a vapor barrier.

At the same time, the film can efficiently retain heat to keep the room temperatures at an ideal level. It is heat resistant to around 190°C.

How the Reflective Mylar Film 2MIL Works:

The 2MIL grade film is very durable and cost effective method of optimizing light spread.

It can be easily attached or mounted with glue, tape or staples, to any surface in your grow area including the walls and ceilings to maximize light spread.

The film is slightly transluscent so dont rely on it to block light, unless you double the layers.

Ideal for indoor hydroponic gardeners and growers, grow rooms and tents, as well as packaging materials.

Made of great material that has waterproof, thermostable & tear-resistant features, good for long-term use.

Durable, puncture and tear resistant.

Easy to mount by tacking or taping directly to any flat surface.

Increase the pace and volume of your plant’s growth with added light.

Unroll anywhere for increased efficiency in your grow operation.

How to use Reflective Mylar Film 2MIL:

Reflective Mylar Film is often used to line the walls, floors and ceilings of your grow-room to increase reflectivity by up to 95%.

Mylar comes in an easy to use roll. Simply unroll the amount you need, cut with scissors, and hang on walls with double-sided tape, staples, or tacks.

Make sure to overlap each sheet, it is crucial to ensure that there are no gaps in order to prevent any leakages.

The film is slightly transluscent so if you need to block light, double the layers.

If it gets dirty, just wipe it with a wet clean cloth, rinse and repeat to keep clean.

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