Pro-Leaf Multi-Function Environmental Controller BECC-B2

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The Pro-Leaf Multi-Function Environmental Controller, BECC-B2, offers full control of the indoor garden environmental, with four 240-volt receptacles for cooling, humidity, CO2 and heating devices.

This advanced unit precisely monitors and manages CO2 in a range of 400-2000 parts per million with an adjustable deadband.

Featuring fuzzy-logic technology to provide even greater control in compressed CO2 setups.

The BECC-B2 regulates temperature in a control range of 5-50 degrees centigrade, and relative humidity in a range of 5-95 percent, both with adjustable deadbands.

Photocell control allows for separate day and night settings of temperature and humidity.

The BECC-B2 includes a remote sensor on a 4.5m cable with integrated photocell.

  • Precise Temperature, Humidity and CO2 ppm Level Control.
  • Real Time Digital displays.
  • Controls up to four devices Cooling-Heating-Humidity-CO2.
  • Separate Day and Night Temp set points.
  • Fuzzy Logic ppm up and down control modes.
  • High and Low Temperature protection.
  • Accurate Amphenol CO2 Sensor with Calibration function.
  • Humidify and Dehumidify modes.
  • CO2 Range 400 to 2000ppm accurate within +/-100ppm.

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