Panda Film 3m x 7.6m

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Panda Film is a white reflective polyester grow sheet, with a layer of black sheeting on the back. It can be hung around your grow space and your grow room, on the walls, floors, even on the ceiling, in fact anywhere that light needs to be reflected back towards your garden.

Our Panda film is super high quality and affordably priced. It is easily attached by tape, staples or Velcro. By choosing to use Velcro it makes taking it down much easier for cleaning and reduces the risk of tearing, creasing or bending it.

Warning If this plastic is put too close to the light, you will obviously melt it, so be careful.

Panda Film has a reflective side designed to maximize reflectivity, to maximize every single photon your grow lights can provide. The black side is designed to prevent light leaks, which can confuse your plants and have negative effects on your plant's light and dark cycles.

Please note that while Panda Film significantly reduces light-leakage, it is NOT 100% light-tight. Want light tight? Simply fold in half with the black on the inside and then it can be considered light proof.

  • Easily attached.
  • Water tight for vapor barriers.
  • Helps prevent molds and algae growth.
  • 125 microns thick.
  • Dimensions: 3m x 7.6m.

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