Homebox Clonelab Tall Tent 125x65x180cm

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  • Manufactured by: Homebox

This tent features shelves that can be adjusted to various heights (two shelves in total), giving the user 3 potential areas for plants. The HomeBox CloneLab is a multi-purpose grow chamber suitable for raising seeds/cuttings and growing mother plants (or starting the vegetative stage of rooted cuttings/seeds). Complete with black out zips, multiple ducting outlets, highly reflective mylar film lining and adjustable shelves this grow tent is perfect for any gardener who wishes to create their own cutting/seedling chamber. Recommended lights; 1x4x55 watt Starlite OR 2x2x55 watt Starlite units per level ( 3 levels)

It features 2x Electrical outlets (One top right, one bottom left) 3x Ducting outlets 150mm (One on roof, one on bottom left and one on bottom right) 1x Removable floor 3x Omniflow intakes (passive flow) with removable covers and 2x Shelves.

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