Duct Tape Aluminium Foil 5cm x 50m

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Duct Tape Aluminium Foil 5cm x 50m is the perfect answer for attaching ducting, fans and filters together or attaching films like Mylar, Diamond Silver or Panda film together or to surfaces.

This Aluminium Foil Duct Tape is a pressure sensitive tape, coated with a heavy duty heat resistant aluminum tape and is used for repairing, sealing ductings and other jobs around the grow room.

The continuous 50m roll is strong and the adhesive on one side will stick to just about anything.

This aluminium foil version is stronger and is reflective but is slightly less flexible than standard duct tape and needs to be cut with scissors.

To prevent the layers of foil becoming permanently stuck together on the roll there is a layer of backing paper which must be removed before sticking the tape down.

Use the 50m long roll of Aluminium foil duct tape to connect lengths of reflective sheeting or floor-secure sheeting together.

How to use Duct Tape Aluminium Foil.

Duct Tape Aluminium Foil gives the grower an easy and economical way of repairing and sealing ducting or joining sheeting together.

Prepare your ducts or sheets to be joined together and cut the length of duct tape needed off the roll.

Remove the backing paper and then stick it down.

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