Combi Ducting Heavy Duty PVC 15cm x 10m

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Combi Ducting Heavy Duty PVC 15cm x 10m primary purpose is to channel air to and from your growing area, replenishing CO2 and removing excess heat and humidity. Combi-Ducting has a double-layered construction with an aluminium inner and a heavy duty plastic outer, greatly increasing its resistance to tearing while also preventing light leaks.

Combi Ducting has an aluminium and polyester inner shell, which is supported by a highly durable steel wire helix and given protection through an outer layer of Heavy Duty PVC. This combination of parts provides a super strong yet remarkably flexible ventilation product, guaranteed to remain completely airtight and resistant against all grow room temperatures and pressures.

  • 15cm diameter for use with in-line fans and filters.
  • Supplied in standard 10m lengths.
  • Lower noise levels compared with single layered ducting.
  • Dual-layered construction, aluminium sheath with PVC outer.
  • Greater resistance to tearing than standard aluminium ducting.
  • Reinforced by a spiral wound wire to maintain its cross-sectional area.
  • Economical, easy to install and use.

For maximum effectiveness and to stop dust collecting in the ducting, always make sure your Combi Ducting is fully extended. It doesn't take too much time or effort to install. It can easily be shaped around corners and will concertina down to a very short length if needed. No special tools or cutting implements are required to fit this ducting.

Combi ducting has been tested for fire resistance. In the event of a fire none of the materials used in the production of this ducting will release toxic gases.

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