CO2 Generator LPG 4 burners

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the easiest ways to accelerate plant growth. When plants are provided with higher levels of carbon dioxide, they grow faster and larger.

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CO2 Generator, LPG 4 Burners works by burning off LPG gas, which in turn releases CO2 into the surrounding atmosphere. The four-burner system can enhance CO2 levels in a room up to 60 Cubic metres total volume.

This CO2 Generator system is loaded with safety features, so that you can run it with peace of mind at all times. If the unit were to tip over, the built-in safety switch would automatically switch off the gas supply.

The unit is supplied with two eye bolts for hanging it in an optimal spot in your grow room. CO2 is heavier than the surrounding air and will naturally drop as it is released, so a high generation point is recommended.

The bottom of the unit will need unrestricted airflow when in operation, so for safety reasons, hanging is absolutely essential.

It should be noted that an obvious side effect of burning gas to generate CO2 is excess heat. Less obvious is the fact that burning gas will also increase atmospheric humidity levels.

When using this CO2 Generator, LPG 4 Burners we recommend using it with the Pro-Leaf Multi-Function Environmental Controller, BECC-B2 as part of a closed loop system, preventing the CO2 from being sucked straight from the room by an extractor fan.

Why should I use a CO2 Generator, LPG 4 Burners

The sugars that make up the majority of plant materials are gathered from the air by splitting CO2 into carbon and oxygen during the process of photosynthesis.

For this reason, once you have all other environmental issues addressed, supplementing with carbon dioxide (CO2) can help to boost yields by as much as 10 - 20%!

How To install the CO2 Generator, LPG 4 Burners

Determine the best location for the generator, it must be hung level in an area that is adequately ventilated. The generator needs at least 50cm of clearance on all sides.

Install two screw hooks into your overhead support. Use chain with carabineers to secure the top of the unit to the screw hooks. Verify that the generator is hanging level.

Verify the gas supply and the regulator used match the type of CO2 generator you’re using (LPG). Securely tighten the gas connection with 2 spanners using the included gas supply hose.

Connect one end to the flare fitting and the other end to the provided gas regulator. Verify the connection is secured safe. Pressurize the gas line after connections are verified.

Use soapy water and a spray bottle to check for leaks by spraying it onto the gas connection fittings and watching for bubbles. If bubbles appear, re-secure the connection and repeat the process.

Connect the unit to a controller or timer that will determine the amount of time and how frequently the generator will operate. The ignition module and firing sequence are activated by the main power switch located on the side of the generator.

How To use the CO2 Generator, LPG 4 Burners

Check and confirm that the gas connections are connected properly. Pressurize the gas lines by opening any of the shut off valves on the gas supply. Test for gas leaks, especially if this is the first time the unit will be used.

Make sure there are no objects within 50cm of the surface of the unit. Connect the power cable to the power and turn the power switch ON. Shortly afterward, the ignition module will attempt to ignite the burners for approximately 7 seconds.

If the flames last less then 5 seconds, generator will pause for 3 seconds, and start to attempt to re-ignite again. This cycle repeats a maximum of 5 times.

If the flames still can’t last more than 5 seconds, the unit will be locked out. To reignite the unit reset the power to remove the error and try again. Turn off the unit and wait for five minutes before attempting to re-ignite.

NOTE: If starting the unit for the first time or after a new tank is connected, make sure to purge the gas line of any air to ensure gas is flowing to the burners.

Once the burners fire, look under the unit and confirm the flame is blue and consistent.

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