Seahawk Clone Station 24

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Seahawk Clone Station 24 is an aeroponic cloner designed for 24 cuttings. It causes explosive root development, resulting in greater vigor and higher yields of plants.

The system works by misting water to the cuttings root zone and allowing a high amount of oxygen to flow around the root zone, improving the success rate.

Cloning your plants is now east to do, even if you have no cloning experience at all. You can have your Clone Station set up and running within 30 minutes. A 100% success rate is the norm when cloning with the Seahawk Clone Station 24.

In as little as 7 days you will see basal swelling and tiny root bumps forming on your cuttings. In 10-14 days roots are formed and expanding rapidly. At the 14-21 day mark your newly rooted plants are ready to transplant into whatever growing medium you prefer.

Your new clones will perform great in a hydroponic, aeroponic grow system, or even dirt, as they move into the vegetative growth stage.

Seahawk Clone Station 24 comes with a strongly molded reservoir, a leak resistant lid, a water pump to deliver a fine aeroponic mist to your plant cuttings, 5 spare misters, 24 reusable neoprene disks to keep your plant clones securely in place and a soft top humidity dome which can fold away when not in use.

There are three different colours of neoprene disc, allowing you to easily identify different plant varieties or stages of propagation.


  • Length: 41cm
  • Width: 30cm
  • Height:40cm

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