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LMU 72 - 36 0n 36 Off Or 72 On 6 Live 10A TD

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LMU 72 - 36 On 36 Off or 72 On 6 Live 10A TD. Light Management Units (LMUs) enable gardeners to safely and easily control their grow lights. At their core, LMUs serve two main functions:

Timer Function: All Hortitek LMUs have an easy to use built-in analog timer that allows gardeners to set their light cycle with little fuss. Changing from an 18 On/6 Off veg stage cycle to a 12 On/12 Off flower stage cycle is painless and simply requires adjusting the timer.

Power Distribution: A hallmark of all Hortitek LMUs is their exceptional build quality. Not only does this mean that they last through years of hard use, the reliability of these LMUs also improves safety when dealing with the high power draw typically seen with hydroponic lighting.

The Hortitek LMU range is already the industry benchmark for quality and durability, with countless competitors attempting to imitate the signature Hortitek design. The Hortitek LMU range uses top quality components that meet the highest australian electrical safety standards, giving gardeners the confidence to work their LMU's to their full potential.

All necessary Hortitek LMUs make use of Time delay technolongy that intelligently staggers the firing of lights. This factory-calibrated setting reduces the instantaneous power draw of the lighting system when viewed as a whole. This helps to ensure that sufficient power is provided to each connected ballast, in addition to reducing the strain on the electrical system.

For gardeners, this is a hands-off feature that improves the longevity and safety of their lighting setup with no extra work on their behalf.

Key features: High Quality Materials Main Circuit Breaker Time delay Selector Switch 24 Hour time Active and Passive cooling Live Sockets International quality and safety standards.

LMU with 72 timed + 6 Live Sockets. Selectable 36ON / 36OFF or 72 ON Operation + Soft start

  • Phase: 3
  • Max Amps: 100
  • Continuous Amps: 80
  • Note: This LMU can supply up to 80 A load for 24 hrs operation
  • Voltage: 415 VAC
  • Frequency: 50 Hz

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