Inline Duct Booster Plastic Fan 10cm 130 m³/h

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Inline Duct Booster Plastic Fan 10cm 130 m³/h is designed to assist in the exhaust or intake of air through a short length of ducting, in conjunction with a powerful Inline Fan and Carbon Filter which is used to expel heat and humidity from grow tents and rooms

This fan does not replace ventilation systems, it simply aids in the ventilation process. It is capable of blowing or sucking air through a short length of ducting or blowing cold air into a cool tube grow light, making it perfect for a small grow room/grow tent's ventilation.

Exchange stale air with fresh air to keep temperature or humidity under control or run a cool tube reflector by blowing fresh air through the fitting. (Never suck hot air out of a cool tube as the fan will get damaged.)

An Inline Duct Booster Fan will provide your plants with a consistent fresh airflow, which as we know is a requirement for grow room setups. Note, these inline fans are not recommended with a carbon filter, as they don’t have the torque required to pull or push enough air through a filter

Features permanently lubricated motor bearings, providing quiet operation. Thermal motor protection prevents the motor from overheating after a long time working. The body is made of a quality A.B.S. material which ensures the fan is light weight, for easy installion.

  • Air Flow: 130 Cubic Metres Per Hour
  • Rated Voltage: 230V
  • Wattage: 12W
  • Sound Rated: 34dB
  • Speed: 2000R.P.M.
  • A.B.S. Plastic
  • Copper Oil-Bearing Motor

Why should I use an Inline Duct Booster Plastic Fan 10cm 130 m³/h

An Inline Duct Booster Fan (extractor fan) is best used as a second fan to create an active (as opposed to passive) intake system. By installing a second fan on the intake side, you will reduce the amount of negative pressure created in the grow room, thereby cutting down greatly on the amount of work the exhaust fan has to do and allowing much more air to pass.

Because the air will generally get very warm due the grow light and the plants transpire by losing water through their leaves, the humidity will go up. As the plants photosynthesise they will also use up the CO2 in the air.

Unchecked heat and humidity create poor growing conditions, where your plants are unable to absorb water or simply cannot survive. An Inline Duct Booster Fan will remove the old, stale air and draw in fresh new air and CO2.

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