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Heat n Grow Propagation Tray With Thermostat

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Heated propagation - the secret of the professionals. You now have access to the secret known by the professionals for years. By using bottom heat propagation systems, you'll have the benefit of controlled growing conditions. This promotes faster and healthier growth, and the opportunity to grow exotic plants, flowers, herbs and cacti all year round. Ideal for cloning and hydroponics The Heat 'n' Grow Systems are equally successful with soil and hydroponic based gardening, making them the ideal solution for propagation & cloning.

The Heat 'n' Grow Propagation Systems use a high-tech carbon plastic element. This breakthrough in technology ensures that you enjoy very low operating costs, from less than 1 cent per hour. Control at your fingertips Some models come with built in 0-40C thermostat. So it's as easy as turning the dial to achieve exact temperature control. The high-tech heating element guarantees even heat distribution, ensuring direct heat penetration to the roots of the plant.

The Heat 'n' Grow has an inbuilt adjustable thermostat which enables accurate temperature control. Normally the thermostat is set between 20 degrees and 24 degrees, depending on the types of plants being grown. The temperature sensor is located at the centre of the tray near the thermostat, and detects the temperature at this point. In order for the sensor to work accurately however, it is important to keep the capillary mat (felt) and soil moist at all times. The capillary mat should be immersed in water upon first use, and from then on be constantly moist, not soaked. It is the moisture in the system that allows the heat to be transferred efficiently to the seeds and roots.

The Heat 'n' Grow clear top is a plastic cover which can be used in conjunction with the heated propagation trays, or independently. The clear top creates a mini-greenhouse effect, achieving great propagating results. Seedling and drip trays Both trays are sized to fit the Heat 'n' Grow clear tops and heated propagation trays. By combining these accessories, you will enjoy a professional yet low cost approach to all of your growing needs.

Watering Correctly

It is important that the growing medium is kept moist at all times. This is necessary not only for the plants, but also to help conduct the heat to the seeds and roots. As the soil is being heated, water will evaporate at a faster rate than normal so it is wise to check the soil condition on a regular basis. If you are using a clear propagation cover in conjunction with your propagation unit, water will be recycled by condensation and less watering will be necessary.

Growing From Seed

Select a good seed raising mix and fill your seedling tray to the top. Plant your seeds to the recommended depth, then water with a fine spray. It is a good idea to use a fungicide product and spray the surface of the seed tray to prevent fungus formation. To keep the seed mix moist for good germination, spray the seed tray with water every second day. All seeds are sown at a depth of 3 times the seed width, remembering that deeper sowing will stifle emergence of the germinating seed.

Striking Of Cuttings

For best results make a propagation mix of 80% Perlite and 20% Vermiculite or peat moss. Moisten the mix with clean water and then fill the seedling tray with your cuttings. The preparation of the cuttings is very important. Sterilise your cutting knife, scalpel or Secateurs by dipping them in methylated spirits and then allow it to dry before using. After you have prepared the cuttings, dip them into a rooting hormone and dibble the cuttings into the cells of the tray, usually at a depth of 25 - 40mm.

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