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Yo Yo Plant Hanger With Hook

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Yo Yo Plant Hanger With Hook is hung above a plant and hooked to the stem of a plant to help support a high yielding, heavy crop.

With the proper support, you can ensure that your plant is receiving the maximum light exposure and is producing to its full potential.

As the plant grows, the Yo Yo Plant Hanger With Hook offers effortless readjustment, making the process of training plants into different growth patterns very simple.

How the Yo Yo Plant Hanger With Hook Works:

The Yo Yo Plant Hanger With Hook consists of a stem support hook, nylon tie and a spring tensioned nylon reel, that the nylon tie retracts back into.

The spring tension line allows for support through all stages of your plant's life.

Effectively prevents bending, snapping, and breaking of heavy stems and branches.

  • Made with a durable PolyPropylene housing and an adjustable nylon string fitted with a PolyPropylene hook.
  • Fully retractable 1.5m nylon string and a plastic stopper to secure the string at the desired length.
  • Simply hang the Yo Yo Plant Hanger from the top of your grow tent/room and place the Hanger With Hook around the branch that requires support to keep plants from falling down or leaning.
  • As your plant grows, the Yo Yo Plant Hanger retracts while continuing to hold the plant up, no damage to the stems or branches.
  • The most effective way to support your plant stems while they grow.
  • How to use The Yo Yo Plant Hanger With Hook:

    The Yo Yo Plant Hanger With Hook is easily installed onto lines or wires, that are securely attached to yor grow room/tent ceiling.

    Release the stopper and pull the nylon line out to the desired length, then secure the string by pushing the stopper in.

    Place the Hanger WithHook around the stem or branch that requires support, to keep plant from falling down or leaning over.

    Make little adjustments when your plant grows.

    As your plant grows, retract the Yo Yo Plant Hanger With Hook using the spring stopper.

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