Greensword 17.5cm Flower Snip Oval Handles

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Greensword 17.5cm Flower Snip Oval Handles is made of quality alloy steel and is used for picking, dead-heading plants, cutting buds, trimming and so on.

It is easy to use, a lightweight design helps reduce hand-aching that can be caused by trimming and it has a very efficient cutting mechanism.

The blades are made from Japanese SK5 steel for strength and durability yet they are fine enough to allow excellent accuracy and to get in really close.

  • A comfortable non-slip handle for a better grip and comfortable on your hands while cutting.
  • High quality steel blades ensure clean cutting with no pulling or tearing of branches.
  • Ergonomic with a comfortable design allows for accurate usage.
  • Combined with high grade alloy and super sharp blades these snips are going to be a gardeners new best friend.

How the Greensword 17.5cm Flower Snip Oval Handles Work:

A Greensword Flower Snip helps to make easy work of comfortably and accurately trimming your plants down after harvesting.

The very sharp, medium-fine blades can get in to difficult-to-reach places for precise trimming.

The metal and plastic construction means that these trimming scissors will really last and the thick plastic coating on the handles makes them comfortable to use for long periods of time.

Harvesting fruit, veg and flowers usually means there's a lot of trimming of leaves etc, to be done.

Having a good pair of trimmers makes the job a lot more tolerable. These Flower Snips have been designed from the ground up to make harvesting a much more pleasurable activity.

They feature comfortable handles, a finger grip, and spring-loading which all reduce hand fatigue.

How to use the Greensword 17.5cm Flower Snip Oval Handles:

The Greensword Flower Snip Oval Handles scissors are strong and very sharp and can be used to trim plant material or various other items.

  • The sharp SK5 steel blades on the Flower Snips help cut through branches and stems when trimming.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic grip. Comfort of use and lightness provides stress free and fatigue reducing performance.
  • The shape and style of Greensword Flower Snip Oval Handles has been designed specifically for simplicity of use and best performance for trimming and shearing.

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