Graduated Measuring Syringe 60mL

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Graduated Measuring Syringe 60mLs are excellent for accurately measuring nutrients, additives, supplements and pesticides. They are smooth-functioning syringes which do not suddenly pop-open if opened too wide.

These syringes are a clean and accurate alternative to pouring liquids into a measuring cup or spoon. Using the Graduated Measuring Syringe eliminates splashing or spilling of liquids.

Made of heavy duty plastic with easy to read measurements. Graduation measurements in milliliters and cc's. For gardening use only, they are not fit for human or animal use.

How a Graduated Measuring Syringe 60mL Works

A syringe is made up of three parts: the tip, the barrel, and the plunger. The barrel is the reservoir that holds liquid. It is graduated with lines that are typically printed or etched on its surface and calculated in cubic centimeter (cc) or milliliter (mL) units. These units of measurement cc and mL are equivalent.

When the tip end is placed in a liquid and the plunger is pulled out, the syringe will suck the liquid into the barrel and the markings show how much liquid has been drawn out.

The tip end of the syringe can then be taken out of the liquid and the surface tension in the nozzle will retain the liquid inside the tube, preventing it from dripping out.

The measured amount of liquid can then be added to mixing container by simply pressing the rubber-ended plunger back down.

How to Use a Graduated Measuring Syringe 60mL

Syringes can be used in the above manner to measure out almost all types of liquid.

The syringe can be re-used many times but we strongly advise rinsing the inside and outside of the syringe with water in-between measuring out different liquids to prevent cross-contamination of your plant-food bottles.

If the syringe becomes difficult to plunge, some people have found it helpful to try dabbing a very small amount of coconut oil or olive oil on the edges of the plunger (where it connects with the plastic barrel internally) to lube it up. If this does not work, discard the faulty syringe and use a new one.

NOTE:Syringes are not suitable for measuring out pH adjustment products (pH down acid and pH up alkalis) because they are very caustic by nature and will perish the rubber seal on the end of the plunger very quickly, drastically reducing the lifespan of the syringe.

For pH adjustment products we would recommend the using a pipette instead.

Syringes may also be difficult to use with very thick and viscous liquids because they will resist being sucked up through the small nozzle.

For viscous liquids we would generally recommend a measuring beaker instead.

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