Bluelab CF/EC/PPM Truncheon

$NZ 130.00 inc G.S.T.


The Bluelab CF Ec Truncheon meter feels rock solid and is well constructed. The battery compartment has a proper O-ring and the rest of the unit is sealed, so if you do manage to drop the meter in your reservoir, it will be safe because it's fully waterproof.
The meter has Blue LED indicators that are easy to read. If one indicator blinks, then your nutrient concentration is at that level. If two LEDs are alternately blinking then the measurement is about halfway between those values.
The meter turns on automatically when it detects water above the minimum PPM and turns off automatically after displaying the reading for a while.
So simple to use and very reliable, I definitely recommend it to any hydroponic grower.
Date Added: 04/07/2019 by C. M.

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