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Beat the Heat this Summer!

Excessive Summer heat in your grow room is a huge issue. It places extra transpiration pressure on your plants and it can seriously degrade the quality of your final grow. This is important to growers specializing in aromatic herbs, where essential oil production is key to good flavors and aromas. The Guru offers a few tips to combat the heat.

  • Turn up your fans to bring more cool, fresh air in and to also remove the hot stale air out of your room.
  • Use oscillating fans to improve the air circulation in your grow room.
  • Lower the temperature of your nutrient solution through an aquarium chiller.
  • Dilute your nutrient solution by 20% with pure water, its a real stress beater.
  • Dim your lights or even switch some off, as a cloudy day is better then a scorcher of a day.
  • Nutrient additives with increased silica will help your plants through a hot spell by toughening up cell walls.
  • Use Air Cooled Reflectors to remove the heat generated by the lamp before it even enters your room.
  • Run your lights at night, when the ambient temperature is much lower.

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GB Tek 10 Bar Led Grow Light
GB Tek 10 Bar Led Grow Light
$NZ 720.00  $NZ 580.00
Save: 19% off

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GB Tek 10 Bar Led Grow Light
GB Tek 10 Bar Led Grow Light
$NZ 720.00  $NZ 580.00
Save: 19% off
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