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EP Mechanical Timer

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The EP Mechanical Timer will switch the mains power of many types of electrical devices such as pumps, CFLs, T5 fluorescents and lighting contactor switches. The required on-times are set by the position of tabs around the timer. The correct time is set on the timer by gently turning the time-face so that the arrow points to the correct time.

When theEP Mechanical Timer is plugged in, the clock will keep the time and will switch the power socket on the front face on and off according to the programme you have set up.

An override switch on the side of the timer allows the user to have the output follow the set programme or to be put into Constantly-ON mode.

The EP Mechanical 24Hr Analogue Segmental Timer should NOT be used to switch lighting ballasts on and off directly. The high surge currents drawn by such lighting ballasts at switch-on will damage the timer. For the switching of lighting ballasts we very strongly recommend the use of this timer in conjunction with a lighting contactor-switch.

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