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Coship 2500E Freeview satellite receiver units    $130 inc GST

The decoder is able to pickup 28 satellite feeds that are currently covering New Zealand, of which only five are part of the Freeview broadcast. The 2500E can actually memorise up to 5,000 channels though here in NZ we will never utilise this full capability....that is unless all those interplanetary societies start beaming down onto mother earth.

The COSHIP Freeview satellite receiver units have RF loop throughput plus other outputs. The RF output is crucial allowing older TV sets to display digital satellite TV. This allows for connection to older TV’s and also has top quality Component Video output for the newer wide screen LCD & Plasma TVs and Composite video for the average TV set or TV monitor.

The Electronic Programe Guide EPG provides 6 TV channels programmes displayed on a time line for 7 days in advance. On the same screen there is a window for more programme information as well as displaying the current channel. The display clock allows for NZ daylight savings and when receiver is turned off, the receiver displays the time.

The COSHIP Freeview satellite receiver units comes teletext and with tetris on screen game, freeze frame the screen and zoom up to 4 times in any position. The Mosaic function allows 4,6 or 9 channels to be viewed simultaneously.

The 2500E Freeview satellite decoder ships without a built-in harddrive. To record onto a harddive ask about the COSHIP 9200A PVR Twin Tuner 160Gb HDD.

We ship our Freeview satellite decoders already loaded with the very latest software settings.

The 30+ TV CHANNELS available
New Zealand Freeview Digital
- TVOne
- TV2
- TV3
- C4
- Maori TV
- TVNZ wide screen Test
- Sky Camera

International TV Feeds
Requires a Dual or a second LBN head end and dish
- Russia Today - English speaking World News & features.
- TTV - Indian
- DMC Live
- ERT World - Greek language, features & soccer
- TGN - Thai
- Oman TV - Arabic
- Abu Dhabi TV Europe - Arabic - News sports - variety
- Kurdsat
- TVR International - Romanian Language
- Deepam TV
- Duna TV -
- TRT International - Turkish TV
- BVN - Dutch Language News, Features, Magazine, Shows & Music
- Smile a Child - TBN Networks Asia South Pacific

Channels with a Christian Theme
- 3ABN - Health
- Hope Channel
- Trinity
- Day Star
- God TV - Australasia
- Church TV -
- Inspiration TV

• Freeview compatible - DVB-S MPEG-2 compliant- With EPG
• Blind scanning of satellite - Timer function
• 7 day programme guide display
• 16-bit true colours on screen display (OSD) supported
• Digital Audio output
• RS232 connector port for software updates
• LBN Loop Out to another satellite receiver or Sky TV decoder
• RCA connection output for composite video and L/R audio
• Hardwired 230VAC lead...NO bulky power pac required!!!!
• 12v external trigger switch
• RF Output for analog TV input...perfect for older CRT TV sets
• RF In for terresterial satellite aerial
• On / Off power switch - 230VAC, 50/60Khz, 18 W max
buy freeview box